Resonator parts and accessories for Cigar-Box Guitars, 'roots' and other small stringed-instruments, (+ the odd finished instrument). All hand-made using traditional tools and materials in Hereford UK.

Cones:- Hand spun from very thin,light pure Aluminium, specially designed for acoustic performance. 

Sizes include:- 3" Micro-cones ; 4"Tricone sets; 6" standard Tricones; 7 1/4" straight cones; 6" Drop-in cones and 7 1/4" Drop-in cones (designed for easier construction of Cigar Box Guitar and other small instruments,-see image below).

Cover-Plates:- 6" and 7 1/4" plates in Copper,Brass or Nickel Silver,in original designs to fit drop-in cones above. Also available as 'specials' for other cone configurations. Choice of polished or 'Antiqued' patina (relic) finish.

Sets:-  Cone/Cover-plate/hand-rest/maple bridge with hardwood saddle in 6" or 7 1/4" overall diameters.

Tailpieces:- Copper,Brass or Nickel Silver to match cover-plates, in either 3 or 4-hole style. Also available with customised embossed initial or simple logo, although a minimum order would be required to cover extra tooling.

Prices:- 6" Drop-in cones @ £15.95 inc p&p

   7 1/4" Drop-in cones @ £18.50 inc.p&p

   6" Set (cone/cover/rest/bridge assy) @£38.50 inc.p&p (Specify metal and finish)

   7 1/4" Set (cone/cover/rest/bridge ass'y) @ £46.50 inc.p&p (Specify metal and finish)

   Tailpieces (std. design, either 3 or 4-hole) @£7.00 inc p&p (Specify metal and finish)

To Order: Please contact me first by email for a price, and payment can then be made via Paypal (or other method by prior arrangement)

Last updated Jan. 2017.  All images copyright Richard Windley/Arcadiaphon.